A madman on the open range, fighting what seems as nothingness.

A voice of a wayward apocalypse, talking what seems as nonsense.

Chesterton said that while the ‘madman’ of this world may have the uncanny ability to see the extraordinary as ordinary, he cannot in his madness see the ordinary as extraordinary; nor can he–for that matter, bring others along into his fantastic views and world. A man may be daft enough to think himself an egg (or–as has seemed to become more apparent in our modernity, a man may think himself whole, complete, human; but let’s stick with an egg, so as not to insult the pantheon of man-gods out there), and be very well convinced of this fact such that it is reality for him. To him, it is not mad to believe this, it is mad to not believe this.
There are few things I’m truly convinced of—I believe, anymore. And most, if not all, have nothing to do with this world.

I believe there to be only one truth, but that everyone has their own unique experience of it.
I believe there to be only one way, but all will be found by it sooner or later.
I believe there to be only one light, but it more often than not takes darkness to see it.
I believe there to be only one life, but it takes you dying to live it.

I believe that in whatever capacity and role it happens to entail, that I am a voice for this unseen reality, its John in the wilderness,
its Big Bad Wolf,
its Don Quixote.

I believe that this has been wired into my very being. It has always been me, and it will always be me. It comes out of what I think, what I say, what I write, the music I make, how I interact with people, who I am.
Perhaps I am too big for any one place for I am too big for this world—this reality itself.

Yet I also believe that I am not unique in this capacity. I am not singled out for this task, but rather I am an everyman who mirrors what is; and is a symbol of what could—what should be.

So will you join me? And “Dream the Impossible Dream,”
~and let the world be better for this.