I’m Writing a Book (pt. 3)

(Written 3.September.2013)

In case you still don’t know, I’m slowly writing a book about (read: loosely about) arriving at a theological foundation that is both revolutionary and yet entirely familiar, or rather nothing new and something close to the heart of many (if not all) regardless of spiritual and religious self (or otherwise) affiliation. It will include how being in and out of Seminary has helped firmly root just what is and isn’t real.
Just what is and isn’t truth.
Just what is and isn’t gospel, love, all things at the core of EVERYTHING.

Here are a few of the tentative chapter titles and a brief synopsis of each:

Chapter 1: It Really All Starts With a Good Foundation (For Makeup, and Everything Else)
A very concise breakdown of beliefs OR….I’ll nix this altogether in favor of a clearer set of parameters about creation and a true understanding of things…

Chapter 2: Makeup in the Hands of an Angry God

Chapter …? : The Fresh Fruit Diet
On judgment and how it’s actually wired into our nature prior to the fall (given Genesis) but how it got screwed up.

Chapter …? : Rock Bottom is the New Black
There’s quite a few people in this world who—and God bless ’em, have experienced their “rock bottom,” their moment when they’ve hit the lowest point of their lives and have learned from it, grown from it, and are all around better for it. I, however, am one of the other sorts who can’t admit they’ve had a “rock bottom”, but rather, too many rock bottoms. So many so, that I could hope to say that it’s just because Rock bottom is so in vogue right now that I’m only keeping up with the latest trends…

Chapter …? : Your Body is a Wonderland
This is where I talk about Sex. My own, my sexual “awakening,” and just how far both the American and Evangelical culture take it so that it’s really become the new God. Whether you agree or not, the sacredness, hallowedness, fear of crossing this line (or blatant celebration in doing so) has become such a staple that Sex is–in fact, the American God. You either worship it by doing it, or worship it by putting it in a holy of holy’s with laws around it making sure only certain few can enter it.

Chapter …? : Gonna Need More Cow Bell!
On the rhythm of everything…the romance. It isn’t a formula, it’s an ebb and flow. How not just love is a song–and has a rhythm, but everything does. On “Logos” and how it not only means reason and logic, and meaning and plot, but also rhythm.
So there I was…Killing them softly with my song. Or rather, being killed, and not that softly either.” – Hugh Grant, About a Boy

Chapter …? : You can’t spell a Prodigal Without Prada
Everything I’ve learned–more and more about the Prodigal and how it makes everything click. On how God’s grace for ALL makes evangelism “slaving” to those who feel it’s their duty to do so. And, how calling a christian an “older prodigal” can be one of the most insulting things you can say.

Chapter …? : “My God. What is that smell? That’s the Smell of Desire, Milady.”
The woman in Luke that broke her perfume, cried at Jesus’ feet, and went away free, forgiven. Not because she was repentant, but because she was accepted. She was free to “sin no more” because she was forgiven, not forgiven on the condition that she tries really hard to “sin no more.” On how revolutionary forgiveness of life was at the time, how it translates now to love and acceptance, and how the “followers” of Jesus were given that same revolutionary authority–not to go out and tell people that if they do the right thing they’re forgiven, that they have the ability to come to the cross and be forgiven, but it’s their choice, but that–they ARE FORGIVEN, regardless of their choosing, and it’s that FORGIVENESS that frees them to do the right thing.

Chapter …? : The Good, The Bad, and The Nothing
On the kid’s story “The Fire Cat,” and how I really am “Good for nothing,” which is to say I’m good.
But for nothing.
Which is to say, I’m not bad, but I’m not good for anything that I can bring.
All this is mixed together with God’s sovereignty, and how in a world and realm of grace, a realm Joseph and his Coat lived in, there is no need for forgiveness because actions–both good and bad, are used by God. Thus, there are good actions, bad actions, and actions that are nothing. And which are really the “bad” actions? The “bad” ones as we define them, or the actions that are “Nothing” actions, which don’t bring about anything? Create anything, are nothing compared to God’s everything?

Chapter …? : Shaving Off Hell
On which I bring up…Hell. And how I got into a discussion about Matisyahu shaving off his beard and its implications contrasted with a Christian “shaving off Hell” and its implications…

Chapter …? : I’m Sure Somebody Loved Hitler, But…
On Love…Hitler…and Roald Dahl…

Chapter …? : ALL Things In the Men’s Room
Is All things REALLY ALL THINGS? There’s a poster hanging in the men’s room of the coffee shop that I work that reads “DEWEY’S VICTORY: NOT A SINGLE CASUALTY SUSTAINED IN DESTROYING THE SPANISH FLEET.” Then goes on to discuss how the Spanish lost 300 ships and 600 men. Are we off about what we mean with all, none, etc? How does 600 men dead translate to “NOT A SINGLE CASUALTY?” How does “Behold, I’m making ALL THINGS new” translate to only those that are saved being the ones made new?

More may come, but any feedback, thoughts, interest, encouragement, etc, are greatly appreciated. Lemmie know in the comment section below and/or on Facebook!

**Also, Perfume and Prodigals may just be the two biggest chapters in this book, as they have everything I have to say…which may or may not be enough in and of themselves for a book. Not to mention “Perfume and Prodigals” has a catchy ring to it…
anyway, in the event that you fancy just what I have to say on these matters, lemmie know and I’ll get you all the notes compiled over the past year or so on each.

UPDATE (20.February.2020): You can now find my official book proposal and finalized introduction (as well as a free chapter, by visiting the valuable resources, links, reads, and views link)

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