Valuable Resources, Links, Reads, & Views

These are just a select list of helpful and valuable reads and resources to help you on your journey:

On All Things New” and This Place We Call “Hell

On How A True Definition of “The KINGDOM” Should Shift Our Paradigm of EVERYTHING

A Concentrated Exposition on What I Call “Doctrine”

On Science and How the Universe May Just Be 14 Billion Years Old AND in Its 6th Day (and if this is the case–if we are still in the 6th Day, then we–ALL of humanity is STILL in process of “being made.” So God remains sovereign, all things according to His plan “from the fullness of time,” and what is at the “end”–Jesus saying “I am MAKING ALL THINGS NEW” holds true to the beginning.)

On Urgency and Purpose and Calling and Evangelism

Brilliant (Continuing) Short Film Series That Captures the Heart of It ALL

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