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I’m Writing a Book (pt. 2): Makeup in the Hands of an Angry God

(Written 23.August.2013)

Here’s a couple of excerpts from the beginning and middle of Chapter 2 of my (in process) book, Beauty Tips From a Seminary Washout::


I’ve never paid much attention to, nor read a whole lot (if any) of John Piper, but I did happen to discover my own sexuality at a very young age, and the fact that there were certain things which just happened to stimulate me in ways I didn’t realize up until then that I—or my body, were designed to find pleasure in. And while I sit down to begin writing this chapter, and am pretty sure it won’t have much of anything to do with general sexuality, I am sure that I’m less sure that general sexuality doesn’t have everything to do with John Piper.


Religion (especially Christianity) has a strong disposition of attempting to make it clear as crystal to all humanity that we are nothing but “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” to do with whatever the hell He will.
[But] what did God do, what does God do?
Remember the Garden of Eden story in the first 3 chapters of Genesis?
What did God do immediately after confronting his children–his creation, made in his image, when their eyes were opened, when they saw what they were, when—after never knowing shame(rf. Gen. 2:25), felt it and knew it intimately.

He killed an animal, and made garments for them.

At the cost of another of his creation’s life, HE covered their shame.

He could’ve left them to their predicament, let the leaves die and fade away so that they constantly saw themselves naked and exposed, constantly saw their shame and were reminded of their shortcomings, their failings, their inability to be what they’re supposed to be, their incompletion, sin.

He could’ve carved them up (like a young 13 year old boy on the back of a bus), he could’ve given them scars that passed down from generation to generation, that every time they were made aware of those scars, they would remember their place, remember their sin, remember their failure, remember that they are nothing but sinners in the hands of an angry God.

And it would serve them right.


They should always remember just how much they’ve fallen.
We should always be made to remember our place. We are nothing but sinners in the hands of an angry God.
Right? [Religion would seem to agree…]

But God didn’t do that.

He didn’t do what makes sense to us.
His judgment isn’t what makes sense to us and would naturally be our “judgment.”

He killed an innocent at our expense.
He killed innocence.

And he did it to make clothing that would last (at least longer than their own attempts at doing so) to cover them up.

Covered up their shame. For them.*

*To be continued….

UPDATE (20.February.2020): You can now find my official book proposal and finalized introduction (as well as a free chapter, by visiting the valuable resources, links, reads, and views link)

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